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parishpatience full guide for business immigration


The area of immigration law that allows seasoned businesspeople or investors to settle in Australia is business immigration, which is now undergoing the most change. The program’s goal is to promote and encourage wealthy people and business owners who can support the nation’s economic development and innovation. The law on migration covers a variety of visas, including commercial, investor, and entrepreneur visas.

Business Immigration Application:

The application process for an Australian business visa is well-organized and based on numerous laws, rules, policies, and legislative instruments. The stages for applying for a visa are as follows after compiling the applicant’s documents in accordance with the application guidelines:

Step 1: Register with the Department of Home Affairs and submit an EOI, or expression of interest.

Step 2: Await email confirmation of the skilled & business migration team’s processing of the nomination from a state or territory. Alternatively, the applicant should submit their nomination application for approval to the State or Territory government.

Step 3: The Department of Home Affairs will provide the applicant an invitation following the approval.

Step 4: Within 60 days of nomination, submit an application for a business visa.

Required documents and eligibility for application:


  • Australian Visa Application.
  • Visa fee paid.
  • One identity photograph
  • Identity Card for the Nation.
  • Security Clearance.
  • Personal Certificates
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • Health coverage
  • Form for Authorized Recipients.
  • Proof of Temporary Keep Your Itinerary Detailed.
  • Reservations for lodging.
  • Request letter from the employer.
  • Request letter.


The following standards must be met before applying for an Australian business visa:

The applicant must be in good physical condition.

The applicant must adhere to the moral standards.

Either the applicant must be running the company or they must have investment experience.

Various business visas

Depending on their business situation, different visa classifications offer distinct streams from which to pick.

Business Investment and Innovation (Provisional) 188 Subclass of Visa

This is a short-term business visa that is granted to applicants up to 5 years.

This visa is not available to applicants older than 55.

There are many streams available under Visa 188, including the Business Innovation stream.

Entrepreneur stream Investor stream.

Benefits of a successful business immigration in Australia:

  • Can run a new or established business in Australia
  • The applicant can bring any qualified family members with them.
  • Subclass 888 Business Permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa Applications.
  • Remain in Australia indefinitely.
  • Study and work in Australia
  • Sign up for Medicare (Australian scheme for health care expenses)
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia (if the applicants are eligible)
  • Encourage eligible family members to immigrate permanently
  • Travel to and from Australia is permitted for a period of five years after the visa is issued.


Parish Patience is here to assist if the applicant wish to live and work in Australia as a skilled immigrant and need professional advice. With more than ten years of experience in the field of education and migration consulting, we offer complete solutions to the candidates and support them during the entire procedure.


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