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A guide to starting a business in South Australia 南澳大利亚创业指南

South Australian Government wants people across Australia and around the world to know South Australia as a place that makes business happen. Developed in both English and Chinese language, A Guide to Starting a Business in South Australia provides free help to understand some of the main requirements and relevant points for starting and operating a business in South Australia, including if you are looking to buy all or part of an existing business.

南澳大利亚州政府希望澳大利亚和世界各地的人民 知道南澳大利亚是适合做生意和创业的地方。州政府出版了在南澳大利亚创业指南, 有英文和中文版本。该文件旨在为商业移民提供免费信息, 以帮助了解在南澳大利亚开设并经营企业的主要要求和相关要点。如果你正在寻找购买全部或部分现有南澳州业务的相关信息,该指南也会有所帮助。

Importantly, this guide provides a useful check list and introduces migrants to important topics, such as, investment opportunities and how to do export business from South Australia.


In addition to offering a one-stop shop for business migrants to gather information, the state government is also supporting business migrants through a number of programs and initiatives including: 

为方便移民获取信息, 州政府不仅为商业移民提供一站式信息服务,也通过一些项目和倡议来支持南澳州的商业移民。

  • an electronic Arrival Information Pack explains what a business migrant needs to know when they arrive in South Australia - what they need to do to meet their visa requirements, and outline their pathway to permanency 电子版的商业移民信息手册囊括了当商业移民抵达南澳州时所需要的信息,其中包括签证要求和申请永居签证的途径。

  • face-to-face appointment services 和南澳政府移民事务处官员面对面的座谈

  • access to investment case management services.获得州政府的投资个案管理服务

For more information on doing business in South Australia, downland the guide here.

Source: Immigration SA team