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Answering the SOS with RSMS


As the dust slowly begins to settle from the announcement that the Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa will be abolished in March 2018; there is still significant uncertainty regarding the future of Employer Sponsored Migration and what the extent to which the new TSS Visa will be different from the 457 Visa. During the current transition phase the saying “the advice we give today may no longer apply tomorrow” has almost become a catchphrase as we continue to walk the fine line between keeping a client optimistic about their future Permanent Residence prospects and the harsh reality that they may lose their pathway before they can secure such an outcome.

In this climate of uncertainty, there remains one beacon of hope: The Regional Sponsored Migration Stream (RSMS). In the short time since the announcement on 18 April 2017, a notable trend has already begun to emerge; with increasing numbers of temporary residents departing for regional areas, unwilling to gamble their future on hopes of change and increased occupational eligibility in metropolitan areas.