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Disallowance Motion - Cessation of non-contributory parent and other family visas - SUCCESSFUL!

On 2 June 2014 the Government tabled a Regulation to remove the power of applicants to be sponsored for various family visa subclasses from that date. Included were the carer and aged dependent visa subclasses , both onshore and offshore.

This decision in the view of Managing partner David Bitel removes the right of some of the most vulnerable to obtain support of loved ones  and for Australians to sponsor most needy relatives. The numbers coming under these categories annually makes a tiny proportion of the total  immigration programme size and was in our view completely  unjustified and yet another example of the fact the  DIBP motto of "People  our Business" no longer applies

David Bitel then started a ring around campaign to significant Opposition politicians in the Labor Party and the Greens to urge a motion of disallowance of the Regulation in the Senate , a Parliamentary procedure to secure the  overturning of the Regulation change

Of course many others in the community were similarly upset and made similar appeals, all of which fell on interested ears

We are pleased to advise that this pressure has had the desired affect with the Senate on 24 September 2014  disallowing the Regulation which means as noted in the reports attached below that applicants can again apply for visas under the affected subclasses. We do recommend that anyone wishing to apply do so without delay. Anyone seeking assistance with an application please contact David Bitel in our office. 

Of course this may not be the end of the battle. As noted by David Bitel:

"Now the Government may attempt to render meaningless the visa programmes by reducing the programme quote to such a low level that the resulting processing queue will become unacceptable to all people. Advocates  will need to monitor this very carefully and if needed take further action to prevent the Minister frustrating the Will of Parliament by such underhand means" Read more >>