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Engineers Australia - End of Year 2015 – Office Close Down


Please note that Engineers Australia’s National Office will be closed from the 24 December 2015 afternoon to the 8th January 2016. The offices will open again on the 11th January 2016.

All assessment activities will be suspended during this time. Applications will not be processed or finalised.

Please note also that applications requesting the Fast Track service will not be processed during this time. As a result, applications Fast Tracked between the 24th December 2015 and the 11th January 2015 will be processed in priority after the end-of-year close down but not necessarily within the 5 working days as advertised.

Applicants wishing to apply for Fast Track after having lodged their application and after the 11th January 2016 will still be able to do so using our online form. Normal processing times will apply after the 11th January 2016.

Paper based applications

Applications for a standard Migration Skills Assessment will have to be lodged online only. Should an applicant not have access to the necessary technology, please contact us.

Did you lodge a paper based application?

Since November 2014, Engineers Australia is no longer accepting new paper based Migration Skills Assessment applications. All applicants now have to submit their application online.

On the 1st January 2016, Engineers Australia will close all the pending assessment applications based on a paper based file and will stop further processing of the paper based applications. 

If you have lodged a paper based application, and have received a request for additional documentation, please provide the requested additional documentation before the 1st January 2016.

If you have lodged a paper based application, and you are not sure what the status of this application is, please contact our Member Services team

Applications left incomplete after the 1st January 2016 will be closed. Applicants will need to lodge a new online application if they wish to obtain an assessment.

If you have already obtained an assessment from a paper based application, and would like to apply for the additional assessment of your work experience and/or overseas PhD, please apply following the process for paper based applications before the 1st January 2016. After this date, applicants seeking the additional assessment of their relevant work experience or additional PhD will have to lodge a full application online, and request for the fee of the standards assessment to be refunded.

Need your assessment urgently? Don’t wait, Fast Track!

Engineers Australia has launched its new online service, the Migration Skills Assessment Fast Track. Fast tracked applications will be assigned to an assessor within 5 business days for assessment. Please refer to our fee schedule for the current amount of the Fast Track fee.

Applicants submitting a new application online can now select the Fast Track option directly at the point of payment. Their application will automatically be placed at the top of the assessment queue for processing.

Please refer to the Assessment fee page for further information about the fast track fee. Applicants who have already lodged an application but did not pay the fast track fee at the point of submission can still access this service, by using our online fee payment form.

If you have already paid the Fast Track fee at the point of submission, do not pay the Fast Track fee again.

English Language Test: TOEFL IbT

From the 1st January 2016, Engineers Australia will be accepting the TOEFL IbT as an alternative English Language Test to address the English language competency element of the Migration Skills Assessment. Applicants submitting their application on or after the 1st January 2016 will be able to provide either an IELTS test result form with a score of 6 or more in each of the 4 modules, or a TOEFL IbT result with the following minimal scores for each module:

Minimal Score










Applicants will need to upload the test results, as well as write their registration number.

TOEFL IbT results will be accepted up to 2 years after the test date.

Information about TOEFL IbT can be found on the ETS website.