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GSM Points Test changes


The amendment to the points test will enhance the pathway to permanent residence for students who have completed Doctoral or Masters by research-level qualifications in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) or specified information and communication technology (ICT) related fields in Australia.

The current points test will be amended to award additional points for Doctorate and Masters by research-level qualifications gained from Australian universities in STEM, specified ICT and other related fields.

The following fields of education qualifications are proposed to be accepted under this new measure and are defined by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS):

Field of Education:  

  • Biological Sciences

  • Chemical Sciences

  • Earth Sciences

  • Mathematical Sciences

  • Natural and Physical Sciences

  • Other Natural and Physical Sciences

  • Physics and Astronomy

  • Computer Science

  • Information Systems

  • Information Technology

  • Other Information Technology

  • Aerospace Engineering and Technology

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology

  • Engineering and Related Technologies

  • Geomatic Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

  • Maritime Engineering and Technology

  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology

  • Other Engineering and Related Technologies

  • Process and Resources Engineering.

Graduates who want to determine whether their qualification is eligible are able to search the CRICOS website. If their qualification is at Doctorate or Masters by research-level and their field of education is listed in the above table then they will be eligible for five additional points towards their points test.

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