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NSW nomination 190 visa - October 2014 intake

Important Information: Opening date and time for October 2014 intake NSW Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) program and updated NSW Skilled Occupations List

NSW is pleased to announce that the October 2014 intake for the Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) program will open on 22nd of October at 10:00, Australian Eastern Standard time (UTC+10). This intake will be open for 1,000 applications.

When the intake opens the link to the application form will appear on this page.

NSW is a highly attractive and competitive destination for skilled migrants. In 2014, NSW implemented a number of measures to maximise the 190 program's effectiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the NSW economy. This includes staggered application intakes and regular revision of the NSW Skilled Occupations List (NSW SOL)

NSW has modified the occupations eligible for nomination in the October 2014 intake. This is to ensure that the Skilled – Nominated program is a balanced intake of skilled migrants from a range of occupational groups that will meet NSW medium and long term skills needs. 

Occupations listed below will not be considered for the October 2014 round of applications.  

Occupations temporarily suspended from  the SOL for October 2014 intake
ANZSCO code Occupation Occupation group
221111 Accountant (General) Business & Finance
221112 Management Accountant Business & Finance
221113 Taxation Accountant Business & Finance
261111 ICT Business Analyst ICT
261112 Systems Analyst ICT
261311 Analyst Programmer ICT
261312 Developer Programmer ICT
261313 Software Engineer ICT
262113 Systems Administrator ICT
263111 Computer Network & Systems Engineer ICT
263311 Telecommunications Engineer ICT
263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer ICT


Frequently Asked Questions - October 2014 intake

When will the October 2014 intake open and close?

The October 2014 intake for NSW nomination program for the 190 visa will open on Wednesday 22 October 2014 from 10am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10).

The intake will close when the number of applications received reaches 1,000.

How can I lodge a nomination application for the October 2014 intake?

A link will be made available on this webpage on 22 October 2014. Applicants will be able to access the online application system and lodge their nomination applications electronically.

For detailed information about lodging the online nomination application, please refer to How to apply.

The application link will remain active until the number of applications received reaches 1,000.

Why is my occupation not on the NSW Skilled Occupations List for the October 2014 intake?

NSW Trade & Investment has removed a number of occupations from the NSW Skilled Occupations List (NSW SOL) for the October intake (identified in table above).

The adjustments were made in response to oversubscription of nomination applications received in the July 2014 intake from applicants in Accounting and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) occupational categories. More than 75 per cent of the 1,000 nominations offered for the July 2014 intake were to applicants in these groups.  

Prospective applicants qualified in these occupations may be eligible for NSW nomination in future intakes.  Decisions on eligible occupations are made on an ongoing basis as part of NSW regular review of skills needs in the state.  Information about eligibility will always be published on this website prior to each application intake. 

What should I do if my occupation is not on the NSW SOL for the October 2014 intake?

NSW Trade & Investment will continue to closely monitor the nomination program, and may decide to further adjust the nomination requirements for future intakes as appropriate. This may include, for example, giving consideration to adding new occupations, and/or occupations that have been removed for the October 2014 intake, to the NSW SOL.

It is planned that NSW nominate 2,000 eligible applicants through the remaining intakes this financial year. Details about the nomination requirements for these intakes will be made available on this website closer to the time.

Applicants should be reminded that decisions about nomination requirements are made on the basis of the needs of the NSW economy at the relevant time, and that there is no guarantee that:

  • A certain occupation will be added to the NSW SOL for future intakes; or

  • An occupation on the current NSW SOL will remain on the list for future intakes.

Applicants should not make any arrangements on the assumption that they will meet NSW's nomination requirements for the 190 visa in future intakes, and are advised to actively consider all of their other visa options, such as NSW's regional nomination program which you can read more about on our Skilled regional nominated migration page.  Applicants can also access information about other visas on the DIBP website.

I have already prepared all my documents only to find out that I will not be eligible, what should I do?

The NSW skilled nomination program is designed to address the medium to long term skill needs of the NSW economy, which are affected by many factors and can change from time to time. For this reason, NSW Trade & Investment closely monitors the nomination program, and makes adjustments to relevant nomination requirements where appropriate, to ensure that the program aligns with the interest of NSW.

The decision to adjust the nomination requirements for the October 2014 intake was made following careful analysis of the outcome of the July 2014 intake.

Applicants should be reminded that there is no guarantee that an applicant who meets the nomination requirements as they currently stand will continue to be eligible for nomination in the future, and applicants should not make any arrangements on such assumption.

NSW Trade & Investment recognises the significant demand for nomination by NSW for skilled migration visas. We also recognise that the current "first in, first served" application system may need to be revised, and are working towards developing a more effective and transparent system to:

  • Provide all prospective applicants with an opportunity to be considered for nomination on the basis of merit; and

  • Allow NSW to select and nominate the most suitably skilled candidates, rather than in the order of receipt of applications, to maximise the benefit of the nomination program to the NSW economy.

Why are Accountancy and ICT occupations excluded from the October intake?

People with Accountancy and ICT occupations took up 75% of the places offered in July 2014. Excluding those occupations for the October intake will allow applications from other occupations needed to support the NSW economy.

Will Accountancy and ICT occupations be able to apply in future intakes?

NSW anticipates nominating up to 2,000 eligible applicants through the remaining 2014-15 intakes to take place. If Accountancy and ICT occupations need to be filled, consideration will be given to allowing people from those occupations to apply. It should be noted that the decision to accept applications from any occupational group is based on what the NSW economy needs.

When will that decision be made?

NSW Trade & Investment is working on a methodology to move away from "first in, first served" basis. The aim is that the methodology will be rolled out from 1 January 2014. Decisions about which occupations are available and what other conditions apply to future intakes will be made available closer to opening times. Details will be published on the NSW Trade & Investment website.

Source: New South Wales -  Trade & Investment