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NSW State Nomination 190 applications - RMA FAQ Sheet - October 2014 intake

Applications for NSW State Nomination under the Skilled Nominated 190 visa will commence online on:

22 October 2014 at 10 AEDT (UTC + 11 hours) 

Following consultations between the MIA and NSW Trade and Investment, a Migration Agent specific FAQs has been provided by NSW Trade and Investment for MIA members. This document provides a brief summary of key application processes and tips for efficient use of their online system.

It is recommended all MIA Members review this in conjunction with the more detailed FAQs on their website.

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser when accessing the online system.

Agents are also reminded that the online applications cannot be saved and principal migration agents will not have the ability to log into a saved application to finalise after support staff have prepared the application.

Members are reminded applications must be submitted as decision ready or risk refusal.


NSW Trade & Investment

Useful information for Migration Agents - NSW Nomination (190) application

October 2014

This document contains practical and technical information to assist migration agents to submit applications for NSW

nomination through the NSW online form. This document should be read in conjunction with Essential Information which contains detailed information on NSW eligibility requirements and the nomination process.

Technical matters - using the NSW online application form

· You should complete the form using the Google Chrome web browser and ensure it has been updated to the most recent version. Partially completed applications cannot be saved. The application will only be lodged when payment is completed and confirmed at the end of the process.

If you leave the page (e.g. by refreshing or going back to the previous page) before successfully lodging the application, you will lose all the entered information.

  • An application can only be lodged if your web browser has Javascript enabled. Applications cannot be made using mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. It is recommended to check that your browser has been updated to the latest version of Java.

How to submit a valid application and payment

A valid application is one in which all required information and documentation has been submitted and the application fee successfully paid.

  • You will need a valid credit card or debit credit card issued by Visa or MasterCard to make the payment. Other types of cards are not accepted.

  • Once you complete the online application and submit the form (by selecting Pay Now), you will be taken to the Westpac website to make payment.

    • When you submit the form, you will automatically receive an application acknowledgement email and reference number – your application is not successfully submitted until payment is confirmed

    • Upon successful payment, you will receive a second email with payment confirmation and a Tax Invoice – following this, your application has successfully been submitted.

How to navigate through the form – some tips

  • The form will only submit when responses have been provided to all mandatory fields. A red asterisk * identifies the mandatory fields.

  • Please do not tab through the form as this can result in incorrect information being submitted.

  • Once you move through to the payment page your information will be cleared from screen, and will not be retrievable through going back to the previous screen.

  • If your payment is not successful, you will need to complete the application form again, as the previously entered information would have been lost.

Please ensure you enter the correct current residential address for your client. Your client’s location (onshore/offshore) will determine whether the application fee includes GST.

Using the calendar

You must enter the date of birth by selecting and inputting through the calendar (right of the DOB field). This is due to the different date formats used in different countries. By clicking on the month and year at the top of the box you can manually type the year; select the month and then date from the calendar that appears below.

Entering multiple applications

NSW nomination applications cannot be saved and submitted at a later date.

To submit multiple applications, you may open multiple browser tabs with one application per tab.

If your assistant is entering the application and you will review the application prior to submission,

  • Fill out the online form and either save it as an electronic document or print it (see instructions below on printing) for your review, ensuring that the application page is not refreshed or taken back to the previous page in this process;

  • Once you have endorsed the entered information, submit the application.

Provide clients a copy of the claims submitted and terms and conditions of NSW nomination

Once you have submitted an application, you will receive an acknowledgement email. The email will contain:

1. the application reference number (Skilled Reference Number: SRN);

2. a pdf document that contains information submitted in the application;

3. a list of the attachments that were submitted with the application; and

4. the terms and conditions of NSW nomination for the subclass 190 visa.

You may wish to forward this information to your client for their records.

How to print the application form

You can print your application as displayed in your browser at any time by using the "Ctrl + P" keyboard shortcut, or by finding the "Print" option in your browser. You can print your application at any stage before submitting it.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer may have alignment and other issues if you try to print.

You can also convert your application to a pdf document through your browser's printing function if you have software programs such as Adobe Acrobat installed. For more information about Adobe Acrobat, please refer to

Once submitted, you (as the nominated representative) will receive a confirmation email that contains a copy of the claims submitted in the application including the list of attachments and terms and conditions of NSW nomination.

Amending information submitted in application

If you successfully submitted an application but some of the details are incorrect, please send an email to and provide the correct information. Ensure that your client’s three digit Skilled Reference Number (SRN) is quoted in all correspondence.

Note that all applicants must meet NSW nomination criteria – including occupation - that applies at the time that their application is submitted. Applicants who do not meet NSW criteria at time of application will be declined.

Applicants who apply in an occupation for which they do not have a positive skills assessment at the time the application is submitted will be automatically declined. Application fees are non-refundable.

Feedback on the NSW online application system and process

NSW Trade & Investment is consistently working towards making our systems straightforward and user-friendly both for industry and individual clients. This is an ongoing process.

NSW Trade & Investment recognises the significant demand for nomination by NSW for skilled migration visas. We also recognise that the current "first in, first served" application system may need to be revised, and are working towards developing a more effective and transparent system to provide all prospective applicants with an opportunity to be considered for nomination on the basis of merit; and allow NSW to select and nominate the most suitably skilled candidates, rather than in the order of receipt of applications, to maximise the benefit of the nomination program to the NSW economy.

We welcome your feedback to help us improve our systems and processes.

Source: MIA (Migration Institute of Australia)