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Skilled Nomination category: 2014 -15 programme numbers almost filled


The MIA has been notified that Skilled Nomination visa places are close to being filled for the 2014 - 2015 migration programme year and while applications will still be processed, final decisions may be delayed.

The following message has been received from the Department for MIA members information:  

Dear MIA 

We are writing to you regarding the planning levels for points tested visas in the Skilled Nominated category. 

As you know, the Migration Programme determines the maximum number of visas that can be granted in each visa category. Applications for this visa are processed in line with Migration Programme planning levels. These planning levels have precedence over indicative client service standard timeframes. 

The Migration Programme planning level for the Skilled Nominated category now has limited number of places left for the 2014-15 programme year. This means processing times will be longer and that once the remaining places are used, the Department cannot grant further visas in this category during this programme year.

We wish to advise you that processing of these applications will continue although it may still be some time before a final decision is made.

Should the need arise, you might wish to inform applicants and your members that they can check the Department’s website for any updates regarding application processing or changes to the Skilled Migration Programme.

We appreciate your assistance, and the patience of our clients, in this matter. Please email if you have any queries about the information provided.


General Skilled Migration

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Source: MIA