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Subclass 457 English language test, scores, exemptions


Legislative Instrument - F2017L00835 - IMMI 17/057: English Language Requirements for Subclass 457 visas Instrument 2017

This Instrument specifies the English language requirements for Subclass 457 visas including approved English tests, scores to be achieved in a single sitting, exemption from English language testing and transitional arrangements.

The approved English language tests and scores remain unchanged.

The English language exemptions for specified passport holders remain unchanged.

The general high salary English language exemption in IMMI 15/028 has been removed for applications made after 1 July 2017.  Applications made before 1 July 2017 will continue to be assessed under the previous regulations.

This high salary exemption for English is still available for applicants in this new Instrument for applicants who are employed by companies operating established overseas businesses, who are nominated by that company and will receive the high salary.  

Legislative Instrument - F2017L00849 - IMMI 17/078: Time period for English language requirements for Subclass 457 nominations Instrument 2017

This Instrument specifies that where applicants are required to meet English language scores for registration or licensing that is required for a Subclass 457 application, this score must have been achieved within three years before the date of nomination.

This remains unchanged from the previous Instrument.

Source: MIA Notice - No 48: 30 June 2017