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Watchdog scrutinizes activities of Vocational Colleges


The Australian Skills Quality Authority is investigating the practices of Vocational Colleges in relation to Vocational Education Training.

These colleges are recipients of vast subsidies from the Federal Government but do not always follow scrupulously enforced guidelines.

One of Australia’s largest private colleges is alleged to have signed up new students without their knowledge.

This College who has claimed to have over 1000 students registered, has received over $200 million funding in 2014, yet has seen only 117 students graduate in that year.

Another college which had received $46 million in Federal Funds in 2014, had a pass rate of just 5% of its students.

A college which has been investigated by ASQA has had its registration cancelled and it has been called on to repay $106 million to the Commonwealth. It has been alleged that this college has used unscrupulous agents to trick unsuitable candidates into signing up for courses for which they were incapable of completing.

The industry is in need of rigorous­­­ oversight. (Potential students should seek qualified advice before commencing courses). Door to door recruiters should be actively discouraged by the regulator.

Parish Patience Immigration is concerned that students do not fall prey to unscrupulous recruiters. Contact Motasim Billah on his email: or Golam Mostafa on his email: for further advice before enrollment.

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