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Are planes the new boats?

It has been known for some time that the number of asylum seekers arriving in Australia by plane far exceeds the number of boat arrivals. It is also well known that the percentage who are found to be genuinely in need of protection is much lower for the plane arrivals.

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally has several times criticised the government for allowing what she describes as a "labour market scam"...

Read More >> - Published 18 February 2020

High Court rules Aboriginal Australians are not aliens

The High Court of Australia has today ruled that Aboriginal Australians, even if not Australian citizens, cannot be considered "aliens" and therefore are beyond the reach of Commonwealth laws made in reliance on the aliens power in the Constitution, including the Migration Act 1958.

Read More >> - Published 11 February 2020

New Zealanders planning legal challenge to Australian citizenship laws

An article in The Guardian on 28 January 2020 reports that a lobby group of New Zealand citizens plans to challenge Australia's citizenship laws in court on the grounds that they "unreasonably deny the right to vote to the affected cohort" and "constitute unlawful race discrimination".

Read More >> - Published 30 January 2020

Can protection visas be refused under s 501 for character grounds?

On 24 December 2019, the Full Federal Court found that the Section 501 character test did not apply to applications for protection visas under s 36 of the Migration Act 1958: BAL19 v Minister of Home Affairs [2019] FCA 2189.

In this case, the Minister accepted that the applicant had fought for the LTTE since he was sixteen years of age for a period of ten years. The Minister also accepted that Australia owed the applicant in this case non-refoulement obligations.

Read More >> - Published 22 January 2020