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FAQ’s in accordance to changes in Partner Visa Application Arrangements 18 November 2017


MIA (Migration Institute Australia) is communicating with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with questions that RMA (Registered Migration Agents) and clients should know in regards to the changes in Partner Visa Application Arrangements announced on 18 November 2017


  1. Can a paper application for a partner or prospective marriage visa be imported into ImmiAccount?

ImmiAccount Technical Support has provided the following answer: 

  • Partner applications have been deemed to have a higher privacy requirement than other visa or citizenship applications and as such neither ImmiAccount holders,or helpdesk support staff, are able to import a partner visa application into an ImmiAccount.

  1. The Department no longer accepts paper applications as of 17 November 2017 either in person of by post, what happens to applications that may have been posted but not received on that date?

  • Any paper applications submitted after this date will be returned to the applicant. The application should be lodged in ImmiAccount.

  1. What happens if the applicant pre-paid the VAC for a paper application that is going to be returned?

  • As electronic applications cannot be ‘pre-paid’. Payment must be made by credit card, paypal, China Union Pay or BPAY at time of lodgement. Applicants need to either cancel their payment if it has not been processed by their bank or apply for a refund from the Department. 

  1. Does the Department require health and character checks to be included to consider an application 'well documented'?

The Department has replied:

  • While health and character checks are important, they are not core criteria to determine eligibility for grant of a Partner visa. 
  • While applicants do run the risk of having these checks expire if they complete them up front, our cases officer will, in the interests of efficiency and where possible, seek to finalise applications that are both fully documented and have health and character completed before these checks expire.
  • Deciding whether or not to recommend an applicant complete health and character up front would be up to the agent based on the individual characteristics of the case they are managing.