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David Bitel named among Australia's Best Immigration Lawyers - 2015

Every year awards are published for all sorts of reasons using various methodologies on all manner of subjects but what do they mean and just how relevant are they to someone seeking assistance or a recommendation? It’s important whenever you find a published list to understand the process used to compile it – for a list to have any validity and meaning the process must be transparent and everyone who does. so can vote fairly and freely.

The legal profession is no different and adopts this approach and in April 2014 the Australian Financial Review published this year’s list of the 1600 Best Lawyers in Australia categories, including immigration law. The list has been compiled from over 99 Specialist law categories, and with 340,000 evaluations by lawyers on the performance of other lawyers - therefore those on the list have been selected by their peers. While I am honoured to again be selected as one of the nation’s best immigration lawyers, 22 of them Sydney-based, I am reminded yet again of the standards that must be maintained, especially the need for continuous self-improvement in the constantly changing world of immigration law, by all within the legal profession towards their clients.

All too often people come to see me after having received inappropriate or inaccurate advice from other agents – In many cases their problems are able to be rectified however by then the person concerned has usually already suffered a financial loss and also unnecessary stress and anxiety. Unfortunately some are not left with any further options at all. A smaller percentage still was given false hopes of a positive outcome. Immigration policy, as many know, is a complex field subject to constant change without notice. Whether it is influenced in part by public opinion, a change in government, changes of key personnel within DIBP itself not to mention the regular revision of skilled requirements by each state may lead to such changes. A practitioner able to keep abreast of all of the changes within their area of expertise is much more able to identify opportunities for their clients at any point of their case.

Whoever you choose to seek advice from or to represent you in a professional capacity I cannot urge you strongly enough to go to a recognised expert in that particular field, do your homework and check their credentials. As a minimum you should expect a professional to be up to date with current law, Court decisions and DIBP policies, be able to interpret them accurately, be able to provide you with all available options and offer a fair fee for service and a realistic assessment of your prospects, even if it means that you do not get the answer you wanted. Never accept a guarantee of success.

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