Parish Patience Immigration Lawyers

Skilled and Business Migration seminar in Hanoi City, Vietnam on 28 May 2017 and Hai Phong City, Vietnam on 04 June 2017.


Parish Patience Immigration Lawyers  ran the second round of seminars about Skilled and Business Migration, in Hanoi City, Vietnam on 28 May 2017 and Hai Phong City, Vietnam on 04 June 2017 in a joint event with our proposed Vietnamese counterpart and partner, New Ocean JSC. the seminar went very well and was well received. The number of people who attended each of the seminars was about 200 and our partner was pleased with this and underestimated the number of people who came so was happy with the outcome.

The first presentation was conducted by Mr. Blair Commin, Mr. Thong Nguyen, and Mr. Motasim Billah. All presentations for Skilled and Business Migration were followed by Questions and Answers which resulted in a vigorous discussion. There was a lot of interest in the seminar. A number of consultations were carried out after the seminar and several have realistic migration prospects.

Following the seminar, we were fully booked for the next three days at each city before we left Vietnam. We saw prospective clients after seminars. We have sent several cost agreements and expect to open a number of files for Business and Skilled Visas. We should expect more to come from other migration programs such as Family, Student and Training as they have been introduced as well.

Overall it was another succesful trip to Vietnam.

Mr. Thong Nguyen
Director - Parish Patience Immigration Lawyers
Registered Migration Agent