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Skilled Visa FAQ


What if my circumstances change?

If you change any of your circumstances, you must inform the Department. A change in circumstances includes a change of address, change of passport, falling pregnant, the birth of a child or a change in your employment and any other . Please also be aware that you must advise the Department of any of your dependent applicant’s change in circumstances as well as your own. You will be required to fill out a Form 1022 or Form 929, if you feel like this applies to you please contact our office.

What if I made a mistake on my visa application?

 If you have provided any incorrect information to us or to the Department you must notify the Department. You will need to complete a Form 1023. It is important that you provide any corrections as quickly as possible. We will be able to advise you if it will affect the processing of your application. Please note, the provision of false or misleading information or bogus documents may be a criminal offence could lead to exclusion from Australia under PIC 4020.

What if I need to travel while my application is being processed?

Depending on your visa status while your application is pending you may be able to apply for travel rights to go offshore. If you hold a Bridging Visa A you will be able to apply for Bridging Visa B, which allows you to go offshore for a maximum of 3 months. You will need to apply to the Department at least 1 week prior to your departure and provide a reason for your travel. Please contact our office if you wish to travel and we are acting for you.  Please also be aware that if you intend to travel and have already organised your BVB on your own, you must still advise our office of your travel intentions as the Department must be made aware of your movements.

How long will my application take to process?

The Department provides an expected processing time on all skilled visa subclasses, these service standards can be found at the following link: Click Here

Please be aware that these processing times serve only as a guide and may vary from application to application for many different reasons. It is down to the Department’s discretion which applications are allocated and we often have no control over delays that may eventuate as a result. The Department publishes the allocation dates of some skilled visa subclasses, and updates this at their own discretion. This information can be found at the following link: Click Here

These dates can serve only as a guide as there may be many reasons why your application’s processing is being delayed. Should you have any concerns please contact our office and we can assist you.

What is ASIO processing?

ASIO processing refers to the external security checking exercised by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization. Not every application is subject to ASIO processing, however increasingly, many skilled visa subclasses are required to undergo this process. ASIO processing can result in considerable delays, often in excess of 12 months, regardless of whether your application has been assigned a case officer or is nearing finalisation.  Please be aware that neither our office nor the Department has any control over the processing delays or the extensive information that ASIO may request. Should you have any further query regarding ASIO processing please contact our office.

When can you follow up on my application?

It is our office policy that we do not follow up on the status of applications within the expected Department processing time. If you have not received any correspondence from the Department and the expected processing time has lapsed, please contact our office and we can discuss with you why this may be the case. In some circumstances it may be appropriate to follow up with the Department as to the delay.

How much will my visa cost to lodge?

The Department filing fees will vary for different visa subclasses. Depending on a variety of factors, such as your previous visas, additional applicants, and the method of lodgment. You can determine an estimate of the charges using the following link: Click Here

The Department is able to change their fees at any stage so please ensure that you always refer to the up-to-date information. The Department is now applying a surcharge for all credit card payments which vary depending on the type of card, we will be able to advise of this surcharge at the time of lodgment.