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The purpose of Visa 186 is to enable skilled workers to live and work continuously in Australia. It is more challenging to obtain than other visas because it is employer-sponsored, but permanent residency makes it worthwhile.

Around 186 Visa

Direct admission, labor agreements, and temporary residence transfer are the three visa streams.

Direct entry: For this procedure, a local Australian employer must make the nomination, and the profession must be included on the list of approved skilled occupations. If accepted, this enables you to remain in Australia indefinitely. You come straight from your own nation.

Temporary Residence Transition Stream: To be eligible for this employer-sponsored program, you must have been employed full-time for at least three years by your current company. A 457, TSS or other bridging visa was required. This 186 visa extends from your present Australian residence and allows you to remain in Australia permanently.

Step-by-step instructions for applying

  • Verify your eligibility for this visa. Do you check every box?
  • Obtain the TRN (Transaction Reference Number) from your company and ask them to sponsor you for the direct entrance stream.
  • Organize all of your documentation and take the necessary English and eligibility requirements tests as well as assessments of your applicable talents.
  • Within six months of being nominated, apply for the visa. Utilize your ImmiAccount to do this. To do this, you can be inside or outside of Australia. Make the visa payment.
  • You should reply as soon as possible if the immigration service asks for further information, such as biometrics or other data.
  • The result will be communicated to you. If it is rejected, they will explain why and let you know if you can ask for a review of the judgment.

Process duration

  • 90% of applications are processed within six months under the direct entry stream, which processes 75% of applications in 83 days.
  • In the transition stream for temporary residency, 75% of applications are processed in six months and 90% in ten.
  • Check your ImmiAccount to make sure they don’t need any more information from you, even though the immigration department is unable to provide you with updates on the status of your application.


All three streams—direct entrance, labor agreement, and temporary residence transition—start at AU$4,115. See here for the most recent visa price.

Eligibility requirements

There are several fundamental requirements for obtaining a 186 visa: You need expertise: To do the tasks stated on the skilled vocation list, you must possess the necessary skills. A minimum of three years of relevant work experience in your chosen profession or trade is typically required. You might need to submit a skills assessment to confirm this, or you might need to have the appropriate license, registration, or membership with a governing body.

A nomination from an Australian employer is required: Your potential employer must nominate you via authorized procedures. To make sure they are operating legally, this is done. If the nominee has negative information about them or the nomination is withdrawn, a visa will be rejected.

A specific age is required: You must be younger than 45 when applying for Visa 186. There are exceptions, such as for scientists, researchers, academic lecturers, or if you already hold a 444 visa and are employed by the employer who recommended you.

You need to be in good health: The candidate must be in reasonable physical condition, as must any accompanying family members. While tuberculosis is a part of this, it is not the only one. To ensure that the Australian healthcare system isn’t burdened further. A licenced healthcare professional must conduct a health assessment on you, and they must submit the results on your behalf.

You must possess the following qualities: The goal of these character criteria is to make sure you are a nice person. If you have a criminal record, have been associated with organizations that promote antisocial behavior, or have the potential to participate in criminal activity or sow dissension in the Australian community, your application for a visa may be rejected. You’ll probably be required to fill out a form, make a statutory declaration, and present a police certificate for each nation you’ve ever resided in.

Your profession must be listed as a skilled occupation: To keep up with shifting demands, this list is always being updated. Check to see if your profession is listed on the 186 visa list since not all occupations qualify for all visa types.

You must adhere to basic English requirements: You must be proficient in English unless you are a citizen of the UK, USA, NZ, Canada, or Ireland. Either you must have achieved specific IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, OET, or Cambridge C1 Advanced test results.

You must have paid this back if you owe the Australian government anything. A previous visa that was refused or canceled may also result in your application being rejected.

Necessary Documents

There are numerous documents needed, so start collecting them as soon as you can. Any qualified family members who are planning to travel with you may also need these. Not all of these will be necessary, and immigration may seek more proof.

  • a certificate of English proficiency that is no older than three years
  • police records attesting to good character
  • form 80 for a character evaluation
  • a character statement required by law
  • occupational skill evaluations or evidence of industry body registration
  • papers for competence assessments and exemptions
  • resume or cv
  • identification documents, such as a passport, birth certificate, or national identification card
  • evidence of a name change, if applicable
  • marriage license, if applicable
  • a signed declaration of Australian values
  • your healthcare professional should give evidence of your good health.
  • paperwork stating that you are above 45 years old
  • documents for the partner or dependent, such as identification proof, character references, English test scores, and health assessment findings.


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