Protection Visa

Protection Visas in Australia

People who are being persecuted in their home country are permitted to reside and work in Australia on protection visas, which can be either temporary or permanent. Under the UN Refugee Convention, individuals who meet the requirements for refugee status are granted these visas.

Depending on a person’s specific circumstances, a variety of different kinds of protection visas can be granted.

Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)

A TPV is a temporary visa that typically has a three-year validity. It does not grant permanent residency status, but it allows holders to live and work in Australia. Many government benefits, like social security and public housing, are unavailable to TPV holders.

Permanent Protection Visa (PPV)

A PPV is a permanent visa that grants its holder the right to remain in Australia for the duration of their stay and to work there. PPV holders are eligible for all government services and benefits, including public housing and social security benefits.

Humanitarian Visa

People who have been displaced by war or natural disasters typically receive humanitarian visas, which are permanent visas. All government services, including social security benefits and public housing, are open to holders of humanitarian visas.

Protection Visa (866)

The Protection Visa (866) is a permanent visa for people who have been persecuted in their home country. This visa lets you live and work permanently in Australia. You can also apply for Australian citizenship if you meet the eligibility requirements.

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Subclass 851 Resolution of Status (RoS)

The Australian Visa Subclass 851 is a Resolution of Status (RoS) Protection visa. This visa is designed for people who arrived in Australia as unauthorized maritime arrivals and have been found to engage Australia's protection obligations under the Refugees Convention or complementary protection.

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