Tribunal & Appeals

Tribunal & Appeals in Australia

A tribunal is a court that hears and decides disputes between individuals or groups. An appeal is a request to a higher court to overturn the decision of a lower court.

There are many different types of tribunals in Australia, each with its own rules and procedures. Some tribunals are part of the court system, while others are independent bodies set up to deal with specific types of disputes.

Some tribunals can hear appeals from lower courts, while others can only hear cases that have been brought before them directly.

A lawyer can help you navigate the tribunal system and ensure that your rights are protected. Lawyers can also represent you in appeals to higher courts.

If you have a dispute that you need to take to a tribunal, or if you are considering appealing a decision made by a tribunal, contact us today.

Visa Cancellation (s109, 116 & 501)

If you have been granted a visa to enter Australia, the Department of Home Affairs can cancel your visa at any time. The department may cancel your visa for various reasons and for criminal offenses.

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Visa Refusals

There are a number of reasons why someone may be refused a visa to Australia. The most common reason for visa refusal is that the applicant has not met the necessary requirements for the specific visa they have applied for.

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AAT/ FCC / HC Appeals

ppeal to the AAT, FCC or HC is a process whereby an application can be made to have a decision of the Department of Home Affairs reviewed. This can be done by applying directly to the AAT or, in some cases, to the Federal Circuit Court (FCC) or the High Court (HC).


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Public Interest Criterion PIC 4020

PIC 4020 is a public interest criterion that allows the Minister to refuse or cancel a visa if he or she reasonably believes that the visa holder or their family members pose a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community.

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Ministerial Intervention Unit (MIU)

The Ministerial Intervention Unit (MIU) is a department within the Australian government that considers and makes decisions on applications for ministerial intervention in cases involving visa holders who have been detained or are facing removal from Australia.

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Non-Immigration Law Matters

Non-immigration law is a branch of civil law. It covers a range of legal matters relating to family, property and business affairs. In general, non-immigration lawyers deal with disputes between private individuals or organisations, rather than between the government and an individual.


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