5 steps for Onshore Humanitarian visa

5 Steps for Onshore Humanitarian visa

An onshore humanitarian visa—what is it?

Australia grants refugees who are unable to return home onshore humanitarian visas, sometimes known as “protection visas.”

You can apply for the following onshore protection visas while you are in Australia:

  • Visa for protection (subclass 866) (permanent visa)
  • Visa for Enterprise: Safe Haven (subclass 790) (5-year temporary protection visa)
  • Visa for Temporary Protection (subclass 785) (3-year temporary protection visa)

You may live, work, and enroll in school in Australia if you have an onshore protection visa.

What conditions must an onshore humanitarian visa meet?

Suppose you are already in Australia and you are unable to return to your home country due to your fear of persecution due to your race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. In that case, you may be eligible for an onshore humanitarian visa, also known as a “protection visa.”

You must be determined to be a refugee or exercise Australia’s additional protection commitments in order to qualify for an onshore protection visa. An onshore protection visa can have a lot of complicated criteria. In general, you must demonstrate:

  • In your native nation, you run the possibility of being persecuted or severely hurt.
  • Because of your race, nationality, religion, or political opinion, you could face persecution.
  • You cannot relocate to a more secure area of your home country.
  • Your native country’s government is either incapable or unwilling to protect you.
  • You are in good health and fit to live in Australia.

We advise you to seek migration assistance before submitting an application for a protection visa because our migration lawyers have extensive knowledge of protection-related topics. This is due to the lengthy and involved process and potential delays in receiving a decision. You can get guidance from our immigration attorneys on how to create a great application and what your prospects of success are.

Can I appeal an onshore humanitarian visa refusal?

If your visa for a visa in Australia has been denied, you could be eligible to appeal the refusal to a tribunal or a court. Typically, refusal decisions for onshore protection visas are appealable. Because each decision is unique, it is important that you carefully read your onshore protection visa refusal notification. In this letter, please suggest:

  • Whether you have the option to appeal a decision
  • The window of time in which to file an appeal
  • The appropriate appeal body to which you should address your appeal.
  • If your letter does not include a summary of this material, we advise that you seek legal counsel.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is the most frequent venue for appeals of onshore protection visa denial decisions. It is very crucial to carefully read the appeal deadline in your visa refusal letter as there are stringent time constraints when appealing to the AAT. AAT appeal dates cannot, regrettably, be extended. On our page for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, you may read more about this procedure.


Step 1

Prior to applying

Make sure you are eligible. So you can:

  • Yourself to prepare and submit your application, or
  • Get someone to represent you.

Step 2

Assemble your papers ​

To support your application for this visa, you must supply supporting documentation. The information you supply when you submit your application will be used to determine our decision on your application.

Step 3

Application for a visa

Note that if you already own either, the information below does not apply to you:

  • A visa for temporary protection
  • A visa for a safe haven business

See Applying for a Subsequent TPV or SHEV for information on requesting a second Safe Haven Enterprise visa or a Temporary Protection visa.

Step 4

After applying

We will send you an acknowledgment letter as soon as we have received your application to let you know.

Step 5

Visa results

In writing, we will inform you of our decision regarding your visa application.

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