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Protection visa


The Protection visa is one of the most complex visa subclasses under the Australian immigration law obtaining the assistance of a suitably qualified professional helps to maximise the prospects of success of the visa application. It is particularly important where the case has merit but maybe difficult to establish the truth of facts on that technical requirements of the law are met.

Mr David Bitel who is known as an accredited specialist in immigration law and who specialise in refugee cases, has successfully assisted many protection visa applicants, particularly people whose claims have to be argued under a particular social group category. Mr Sutharshan (Shan) assists Mr David Bitel in representing client’s protection visa matters.

Recently we successfully represented a family for a protection visa where we argued that Bangladeshi businessmen who faced extortion in Bangladesh meets the definition of a particular social group. We provided very detailed and relevant legal and country submissions to establish that people who fall within that particular social group would face a real chance of persecution if they were to return to Bangladesh and were therefore entitled to be granted protection visas in Australia.